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ARC Review: The Fourteen Day Soul Detox, Rita Stradling

The fourteen day soul detox

Title: The Fourteen Day Soul Detox
Author: Rita Stradling
Release date: May 31st 2016
Format: eBook
Pages: 182
Started: May 2nd 2016
Finished: May 3rd 2016
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

In the next fourteen days, I plan to:
1) Cut back on my coffee intake.
2) Gain some of my weight back.
3) Start getting some exercise again (aside from having sex with Cameron). Yoga? I don’t know.
4) Sleep.
5) Take on my daughter’s school board.
6) Sell my coffee shop.
7) Go on a date with that hunky single dad from my daughter’s school.
8) Stop wearing my wedding ring.
9) Spread my husband’s ashes.
10) Forgive the woman who killed him.
11) Stop sleeping with her ex-husband.
12) Remember what love feels like.
13) Be happy.

In the next fourteen points, I plan to discuss:

The Plot

1) Turning 30 is a milestone. Life will make sure it becomes the best time of your life. Or the worst. The story starts with Jamie waking up on the day of her 30th birthday. Kicking off your day with a headache is not the happiest way to welcome a new decade. Having your daughter and a hot guy around helps, though.

2) Never let your sister plan your birthday luncheon. Well, I don’t have a sister, but this book opened my eyes on the subject. What was supposed to be a nice meal with family and friends turns into something much more complicated that sheds light on strained family ties.

3) No one has their life figured out at thirty. Everyone is a mess. Some more than others but we all should try and make a list of things to change. The soul detox is a refreshing idea. I am the living proof this kind of list can work.

4) Stay away from your creepy neighbor and keep an eye on your clothes.

5) School premises are a good place to look for a love interest. Who said originality was a key element to happiness? If I am supposed to meet the love of my life at the top of the Kilimanjaro, the poor dude is going to wait for a long time. I’d rather meet him at the bakery while waiting for my croissants.

The Characters

6) If you want your story to click with readers, fill it with warm characters such as a 8 year-old daughter with special needs and an obsession about gymnastics, a love interest disguised as a divorced single-dad with a sweet girl who just wants to have her hair braided, funny and witty lesbian best friends with a sharp tongue and the right advice, and a 30-year old widow with a loan on her shoulders, a job in a bar, a neighbor to avoid, bills to pay and a shortage of clothes.

7) If a guy calls you “baby”, dump him. I don’t care if he is the cutest, sweetest, more handsome guy on a 500mile area. Let’s be clear: Cameron is very present in Jamie’s life, he takes care of her daughter and he is a genuinely nice guy. But no guy should be allowed to call you baby. I just can’t stand it. Except for Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. This is the only bothering detail about Cameron.

8) Best friends are everything. They can laugh at you, set you up with a very respectable and sexy lawyer who’s been waiting his time to make a move on you, and help you set a detox list to help you move on. It is even better if they have a kid the same age as yours, if one of them is awfully pregnant and they take you get very yummy smoothies.

9) Living your dead husband’s dream can cost you money and happiness. We don’t know much about Jamie’s deceased husband yet as the first book is focused on the creation and the first day of the detox but I felt his presence hover on Jamie several times throughout the day.

The Writing

10) Breaking your story into chapters focusing on one time of the day works, especially if you make them look more like complete scenes rather than snippets of life. The author managed to balance small moments that seem unimportant with bigger events, making them all fall into place. Life is full of unnoticed moments.

11) A good narrative involves moments of laughter, a few eye rolls, a sprinkle of fear, and a bucket of tears. This story has it all.

12) Check if the book you are about to start is a series or you will be faced with a major case of frustration. I was surprised to see there were no more pages left to read even though I had not reached the second day of detox. I will definitely be waiting for the next book.

13) Enjoy the story.

The Fourteen Day Soul Detox is a refreshing story about what moving on means, and how you can achieve it by breaking it into steps, with a little help from your friends. I cannot wait to see what Jamie makes of her list.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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