May Wrap-up!

Another month has come and gone. May was filled with news, good and bad, achievements, big and small, and the usual sleep-deprivation. BOOKS I BOUGHT This month again, I broke my personal record of purchased books. 14 books in 31 days? What was I thinking? It would take me approximately 2 months to read them... Continue Reading →

New York by The Book Tag

Hello and welcome to SunTag! Thanks so much to Louise at @ geniereads for nominating me for this fun tag. Go check her blog, you won't regret it! What book is on your nightstand now? Officially, I don't have a nightstand.. I use an old wastepaper basket turned upside down with a lamp on it.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Tag: The Book Courtship Tag

Sundays are great for tags. Sundays are boring. Sundays like to make fun of you by ruining your plans with the worst weather of the week. Sundays are long. Tags are fun. Tags are a great excuse to sit in front of your shelves and stare indefinitely at them in search of the right answer.... Continue Reading →

Life Update

I am taking a break in commenting and reading all the Wednesday post to inform you of a very important change in my life. (You can't know this because I am typing, but I am using my most formal voice right now) This morning, I received confirmation my wish has been granted! For my final... Continue Reading →

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