January Recap

I really want to keep track of the things happening in my life this year (I can’t recall what I did last month, my memory is that bad). The best thing for this is a month recap!
This article was supposed to be written and published yesterday, but then it felt weird to wrap up January while we were still in it.

📚 Bookish recap 📚

I was excited when I realized I had finished 6 books in January. It can seem low for you massive readers but it’s huge for me. I am not trying to run for quantity over quality but I am happy I managed to make time for reading, even if it means TV time dwindled to its lowest level ever. I am a little disappointed that I have not reviewed all of the books but I’m still shy about it so it’s a work in progress.

🎬 Screen recap 🎬


My second all-time favorite TV show had its half-season premiere this week! This got me really excited and I woke up early on Thursday to catch my Suits fix. I’ll talk more about it in my first Screen post in February, and I don’t want to spoil anything but I’m happy with the way they’re handling the “big problem” of this second half of the season (might be a little early to say that… I don’t always trust Aaron Korsh). Anyway, I had missed this show. Very much. So much that I had to watch the episode again the next day.

I was supposed to binge-watch and finish Pretty Little Liars before Suits came back but I’m stuck on season 4. I’m getting bored because nothing much happens and we’re still stuck with ‘who’s A’. I know it’s the point but I was hoping for a little more after 4 seasons. Also, I don’t care about Hannah’s mom. Anyway, the show is always my go-to when I need something to watch that doesn’t require my brain to work.

I managed to watch the last few episodes of the first season of Madam Secretary. I was slightly disappointed, so I hope season two will be better.

Monday was movie-date and we chose Spotlight. The theatre close to our apartment was having a preview and I could not miss an opportunity to drool over see Liev Schreiber on a big screen. We really liked it, even though we’d wished it was a tiny bit shorter. Maybe due to the fact it was dinner time and I hate missing meal time. I had only a vague remembrance of the story (I was around 12 when it happened) so it was good to follow the events through the movie.

⏳Life recap⏳

That’s where it hurts. I guess I was too happy about my new job. It turns out the hours are impossible, the wage is ludicrous, and the coworkers far from friendly. I feel bad about quitting a job at a time it can be so hard to find one, but I respect myself too much to be used and humiliated this way. No amount of money or problems come before health and feeling good about what you do.

On a brighter side, I cannot believe how healthy I feel these days. I’ve gained weight, which is a victory for me. You would not believe how much I eat without taking a pound now. (don’t hate me, I can’t help it). It feels so weird because I was always the picky bird who’s never hungry and just want to leave the table. Now I can chow down an entire Big Mac menu on my own. Also, I found a way to fight insomnia. I’ve been drinking a special mix of herbal tea that works so well it scares me! I’d heard you need to get a daily routine and wait a couple of weeks for it to work, but I felt the effects from the start. I still wake up in the middle of the night but at least I get a few hours of sleep.

As a prep before changing degrees, I have been attending English literature and history classes, I enjoy it way more than Law or Management ones. I can’t wait to finally get rid of those.

📅 February’s to-do list 📅
– Write at least 3 posts per week
– Find another job
– Resume cooking experiments
– Take my baby to the dog grommer (she hates it)
– Improve / work on language learning techniques

How was your first month of the year?

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