Who Are You, 2016?

I won’t pressure you, dear 2016. No lengthy list of unachievable things. No miracles needed. No prayers sent to an almighty God about life-changing events (although I wouldn’t mind coming across the right numbers for the lottery…).

After all, what the year is made of is mostly up to me and how I look at things. 2016, I’ll take whatever you bring my way the best I can.

Here is a little list of what I expect to do/change/try/whatever during the next twelve months because 1) I love lists and 2) goals are the best way to move on with your life if you let the pressure go.

  • Resume a real yoga practice. I am still mourning the departure of my beloved yoga teacher… It’s been 2 years. It can be so hard to change when you’ve had the best of times in the right place with the right people. But eh, yoga is also about adaptation and change. No more excuses, I need a new studio! Plus my body is so stiff I feel like I’m 70.
  • Go to the hairdresser. I’m cheating, it’s quite easy to have this one achieved. I have been wanting to change my hair color for months. Due to a wrong combination of genes, I was born a brunette. Still, I can feel it inside, I am a redhead! 2016 is the year I fix this genetic mistake.
  • Take a step back. I am oversensitive. I feel every emotion, good or bad, 500%. I pound over things too much. I worry too much (although I have made huge progress in this area during the last months of 2015). I hope to learn how to get enough hindsight not to let everything get to me.
  • Dare more. Eat at the restaurant, go see a concert or movie at least once a month, meet someone for a tea at this little shop you walk by every week, speak your mind.
  • Stop biting my nails. Nasty, nasty habit.
  • Change major. It took me five years to figure out my love for English could lead me to a job. Yes, the process was slow, mostly due to the strong belief held in France that English studies lead nowhere and the constant reminder from family that I would never make it anyway. Now, everything is clear, English is my passion, and nothing stands in my way any more. In order to become an English teacher, I need to change major because I am currently majoring in English and Japanese applied to management, and it doesn’t allow me to enroll in the right Master.
  • Stay positive. I have always been the pessimist one, I can’t help it. I remember vividly all the bad things that happen and barely recall a few good memories. Well, that was true until a few weeks ago. I am slowly starting to see things differently, and it feels so good I want to keep it up.
  • Keep this blog alive for an entire year.

I can’t think of anything else right now. Of course, I want everyone to be healthy and happy, that goes without saying. {insert here the usual good wishes for family and friends}.

I wish you all a nice year filled with great days, a few rainy nights, good summer music hits and warm fires for the winter.


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